Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Governance and Strategies

Safety is paramount at Toromont. To protect employees, those we work with and our neighbours, we invest to create a strong safety culture and an extensive safety program designed to proactively mitigate risk.

Our commitment begins at the Board level – where detailed strategies and objectives are overseen and regularly reviewed for effectiveness by our Human Resources and Health and Safety Committee – and cascades throughout the organization. Everyone at Toromont is accountable for compliance with the safe operating practices embodied in our Five Cardinal Safety Rules.

Dedicated business-unit personnel, supported by external subject-matter experts, ensure safety policies and programs are properly designed and functioning, deliver educational programs for employees, monitor for compliance and, with the full support of our Board and senior leaders, drive continuous improvements so that safety is not just top of mind at work, but a way of life. To further support the importance of safety, the variable compensation of our senior leaders is tied to safety outcomes measured by Total Recordable Injury Rate (“TRIR”).

2020 Safety Actions and Outcomes: COVID-19

Toromont’s safety programs responded quickly to help protect our employees, customers and business partners from COVID-19, while we maintained our ongoing focus on embedding safety as a cultural norm. By virtue of the industries and customers we serve, and the specialized equipment we provide and service, Toromont is considered an essential business under government pandemic protocols. In the early stage of the pandemic, our Critical Incident Executive Response Team “ERT” was activated by Toromont’s CEO. Comprised of key leaders across the business including operations, finance, information technology, legal and human resources, the ERT guides and supports the organization’s response to the pandemic. ERT continually monitors guidelines from government and health authorities, assesses business impacts, develops protocols, mobilizes and disseminates resources and provides the critical communication and information channel to assist the entire company’s efforts to:

  1. Keep our team safe and healthy.
  2. Continue to meet customer needs as a provider of essential services.
  3. Protect our business for the future.

Through the end of 2020, the measures taken and resources deployed have proven effective, but with COVID-19 cases continuing in many communities where we operate, we remain vigilant.

2020 Safety Actions and Outcomes: Foundational Safety Programs

Toromont is uncompromising in its commitment to provide a healthy, safe work environment and to prevent occupational injuries, accidents, hazards and illnesses. Accordingly, we have long operated with core safety programs. We measure progress toward a sustainable, injury-free workplace using TRIR. Over the past five years, Toromont’s TRIR declined 9% on the strength of over 110,000 hours of safety training – including 14,000 hours in 2020. Continued focus on hazard identification, which has increased ten-fold over the past five years, has led to ongoing improvement. Over 50% of Toromont locations achieved a TRIR of zero in 2020.

To make further gains, we continue to cultivate our culture of personal ownership, where individual knowledge and commitment lead to a “Safety Starts With Me” attitude.

By leveraging technology, we continued to advance our safety priorities in 2020. We:

  • launched an online job safety hazard assessment app that allows field-service technicians to complete mandatory pre-job hazard assessments electronically, upload job site photographs directly from hand-held tablets and improve reporting for shared accountability and recordkeeping for auditability
  • introduced Pure Safety, our online safety training and educational platform, for operations in Québec and the Maritimes
  • created web-based driver training for Battlefield Equipment Rentals • implemented Velocity EHS, Toromont’s safety management system at Toromont Cat in Québec and the Maritimes as well as at Toromont Material Handling (“TMH”) to enhance our incident management, investigation and root-cause analysis
  • introduced virtual safety inspections at Toromont Cat, a COVID-19 safe way of remotely verifying branch safety program compliance, and a no-travel, no-contact innovation with the added benefit of reducing the environmental footprint associated with physical travel by plane and car to remote locations

Beyond technology, we:

  • piloted a Work Alone Program in Québec that builds on best practices used in other Toromont locations
  • added regional safety coordinators at CIMCO and introduced several new safety training courses to address key risk categories: working with electricity; hand injuries; and musculature strains
  • created a new driver onboarding program and new driver’s manual at Battlefield Equipment Rentals, which, along with GPS monitoring of driver performance, helped employees improve their safety record

We take pride in safety excellence and show it annually with the Safety Bucket award presented to the Toromont Cat branches that surpass all others in safety indicators. Battlefield Equipment Rentals provides quarterly and annual awards for safe driving and clean inspections.