We are Guided by Our Values

Toromont’s Values reflect what we stand for as an organization and serve to guide us in the performance of our duties:

  • Safe and respectful workplace
  • Social responsibility
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Empowerment at all levels
  • Growth of the individual and enterprise
  • Returns to all stakeholders

Toromont’s Board sets the tone for responsible management and behaviours that are aligned to our Values by providing guidance and active oversight of our key priority areas.

In each area, the Board ensures we operate with specific strategies, objectives, structured programs and monitoring/ compliance systems to measure progress, evaluate outcomes and address areas for improvement.

Toromont’s Executive Team provides the leadership to embed our Values across our operations and empowers Toromont’s decentralized business units to take actions and make investments that are relevant to their operational realities. This approach not only ensures plans are specific to the needs of our diversified businesses and appropriate for Toromont as a responsible organization, it encourages broad, deep and abiding ownership of and accountability for results.