ESG Framework

ESG Framework

Toromont’s business model, governance principles and leadership practices foster an empowered, collaborative and ethical culture that seeks to deliver returns to all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareowners, business partners and the communities where we work. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach starts with our Board of Directors and accountability for sustainable business practices is shared company wide.

Board of Directors

  • Oversees risk, strategic planning, compliance with Code of Conduct and regulatory obligations
  • Provides dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance oversight through ESG Committee
  • Requires management to set objectives, ensure strategies/programs are in place to achieve objectives
  • Scutinizes results
  • Assesses Board and Director effectiveness annually
  • Monitors changes in governance best practices for continuous improvement

Executive Team

  • Establishes corporate strategy and  objectives for customer, financial, safety, workforce development and environmental performance
  • Provides leadership to embed corporate Values across all operations, preserve business model and manage risk
  • Empowers decentralized business units, ensures focus and alignment, scutinizes results
  • Fosters relationships with shareholders, debtholders, key business partners

Business Units

  • Set objectives aligned to corporate strategic priorities, implement, execute to achieve objectives
  • Allocate resources to achieve priorities and performance objectives
  • Create and deliver workplace safety, workforce development, environmental management programs
  • Grow customer and business partner relationships