Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct Provides a Binding Framework for Ethical Behaviour

The company’s Code of Conduct enshrines Toromont‘s Values. It applies to all who represent Toromont, including Directors, officers and employees. The Code is reviewed annually by the Board and amended as appropriate. Everyone at Toromont is required, in writing, to confirm they understand and comply with it each year. The Audit Committee and the Human Resources and Health and Safety Committee of the Board receive regular compliance reports on the Code.

Among Code provisions are requirements to:

  • act with the utmost integrity at all times
  • uphold all laws including international anti-corruption and trade regulations
  • promote diversity and inclusion
  • protect and positively contribute to environmental stewardship alone and in collaboration with customers and supply partners
  • provide returns to all stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society

The Code specifically prohibits discrimination, harassment and conflicts of interest and encourages employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders to report any suspected violation to the company’s General Counsel or anonymously through an independent third-party Compliance reporting system without fear of reprisal.

Toromont’s Supplier Code of Conduct enshrines the key values and principles found in our corporate Code of Conduct. We ask our business partners to embrace our Supplier Code of Conduct as part of contractor qualification and compliance programs.