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What if I don’t meet the ESL requirements?

MCBT is affiliated with CES Toronto, a highly-rated ESL school in Toronto. Need help with your ESL? CES Toronto can provide you with a pathway to acquire the additional English language help you need to enroll at MCBT.

Is there an age restriction to apply?

Students must be 18 years old. Please see additional Admissions requirements.

Can I work part-time while I study?

Students will be attending school during business hours in the first two semesters of the program. In the last semester of the program, students will do their work placement during business hours. It is a student’s choice whether they want to have a part-time job or not, as long as it does not impede on their studies.

Does the school offer accommodation options?

For students who are relocating for school from outside of the city, we can assist with finding housing options for students. In conjunction with our ESL school, CES Toronto, we can assist students in homestay and finding accommodations close to the school.

What is the average class size?

Currently all MCBT program class sizes are capped at 14 students. This allows for valuable one-on-one time for students with direct access to their instructors.

Do instructors meet with you outside class hours? How can I reach my instructors if I have a question outside of class?

Mentora instructors are able to address questions outside of class with students through appointments at the school during the instructor office hours and through email.

Does the college offer extra-curricular activities?

In the program areas there may be opportunities to explore course related extra-curricular activities. In addition, students may wish to participate in activities that are sponsored through Mentora’s language school.

What is it like to live in Toronto?

Toronto is a vibrant, international city that is known for its many multicultural areas. It is a city where you can get any sort of food from around the world, with many different neighbourhoods and rich history. Find out more about Toronto by visiting our About Toronto page.


Now accepting students for 2020.